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R3 Networks
for an uncertain world

“We provide robust and targeted technology solutions to the humanitarian and first  responder communities.”

Who are we?

We understand the challenges 

R3 Networks, LLC is a private technology firm that specializes in enabling critical communications in austere conditions such as disaster relief, military special operations, communications-oriented business continuity, offshore oil and gas, etc.  R3's team members have combined field experience of over 40 years working in technology and disaster response across the world, supporting many different organizations. Our target customer is any entity (government, military, private sector, UN, Non-Government Organizations, etc.) or individual that needs to have good communications at all times, and especially at times when normal communications are degraded or destroyed. 

We have used much of the typical tactical and/or disaster response communication equipment in the field and understand the key challenges to providing effective communications and technical support in extreme situations and constrained technological settings. 

Disasters in Numbers

Years of Experience


Losses in USD due to Natural Disaster 2021 (Swiss Re)


Products Installed


Countries World Wide


Industry Awards

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