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R3 Networks Products 

Products and systems expressly designed to maximize connectivity during times of overload, constraint, and chaos. 



What is the XR-DECK? 


Keeping key members of the team connected  a customizable small-suitcase-sized R-DECK suitable for executives, small teams, commanders, VIPs or key personnel that ensures they will be able to communicate during a disaster or tactical field operations environment when other means of communications are degraded, destroyed or otherwise not available by automatically linking to other DECKS in your organization to form a private VPN for secure communications

The XR-DECK is robust and mobile: this executive version of the R-DECK comes in a small attaché case, is lightweight (<8 Kg), and can be operated easily by non-specialist personnel. The XR-DECK enables your key personnel to communicate via the tools they know best, tablet, laptop and smartphone. The equipment connects automatically to a secure VPN, which can either be terminated at a company command centre or at the R3 Networks EOC; using the R3 Networks assured communications system, R3 can monitor and adapt your remote system to changing network and security concerns.

The XR-DECK is highly configurable to integrate into your company operations. We understand that each organisation's continuity and security challenges are unique that's why we can configure the XR-DECK to integrate into your existing network Infrastructure. The XR-DECK has modular capabilities that can be specially customized and configured to fit any existing disaster response plans or first-responder communication solutions. In the absence of an existing command network, the XR-DECK can function as a standalone communications system, to communicate with the outside world. 

Following the larger more powerful R-DECK, The XR-DECK is an innovative response to feedback from our customers. The XR-DECK was developed by R3 Networks engineers based on many years of in-the-field experience providing communication solutions to first-responder teams during many of the world’s most recent mega-disasters. The R3 Networks team has used this firsthand knowledge to create the most efficient and capable kit currently on the market. 

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