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R3 Networks Products 

Products and systems expressly designed to maximize connectivity during times of overload, constraint, and chaos. 

Keep your base of operations online the basic hardware solution is a modular, customizable highly portable, self-contained and easy-to-operate communication solution that has: enough power to run autonomously for 8 hours; solar power to recharge batteries where possible; 4G modems (and 5G when available); and global current and emerging satellite solutions (e.g., LEO constellations such as Starlink) for worldwide emergency connectivity together with Wi-Fi "bubbles of connectivity" to support the local team.

Ensure key team members stay connected a customizable small-suitcase-sized R-DECK suitable for executives, small advance assessment teams, commanders, VIPs or key personnel that ensures they will be able to communicate during a disaster or tactical field operations environment when other means of communications are degraded, destroyed or otherwise not available by automatically linking to other DECKS in your organization to form a private VPN for secure communications. 

Resiliency modules are optional, communications augmentation platforms that enhance the capabilities of R3 products and services. Modules include hardware communications components such as long-distance and meshed Wi-Fi (expanded Wi-Fi clouds), IP radios and HF/VHF radio gateways, as well as software configurations and optimizations for integration into R-DECK/XR-DECK platforms.

Do you have a system you want to integrate into a solution? Leverage our experience and knowledge to increase the resilience of your operations. 

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