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R3 solutions are necessary

  • Society’s dependence on technology is increasing.

  • The frequency and severity of disasters is increasing.

  • During disasters, all aspects of conventional information and communication technology (ICT) are  disrupted.

  • This disruption causes delays in response and recovery, and these delays cause hardship and increases in loss of lives.

  • Current IT and communication solutions are not optimised and are open to misuse.

Our Story

R3 Networks, LLC is a private technology firm that specializes in enabling critical communications in austere conditions such as disaster relief, military special operations and humanitarian assistance/disaster relief missions, communications-oriented business continuity, offshore oil and gas, etc.  

Our name is our focus:  R3 = Risk Reduction and Resilience.

We have used much of the typical tactical and/or disaster response communication equipment in the field so we are familiar with the way it is being used operationally and understand the key challenges to providing effective communications and technical support in extreme situations and constrained technological settings. 


We believe there are important lessons that need to be learned (and re-learned!) for operating in austere conditions and missions, and that these lessons can be leveraged to create future systems that work better and faster, with smaller and lighter form factors.

R3's team members have combined field experience of over 40 years working in technology and disaster response across the world supporting many different organizations. Our target customer is any entity (government, military, private sector, UN, Non-Government Organizations, etc.) or individual that needs to have good communications at all times, especially at times when normal communications are degraded or destroyed.

Experienced Leadership

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