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R3 Networks Products 

Products and systems expressly designed to maximize connectivity during times of overload, constraint, and chaos


What is the R-DECK? 


The R-DECK (Rapidly Deployable Expeditionary Communications Kit) is a self-contained communications solution designed for use in austere environments where normal communications are either compromised or non-functioning, such as major natural disasters, local catastrophic events, or ongoing inhospitable conditions.

The R-DECK is an innovative answer to on-the-ground needs. It was developed by R3 Networks engineers based on many years of in-the-field experience providing communication solutions to first-responder teams during many of the world’s most recent mega-disasters. The R3 Networks team has used this first-hand knowledge to create the most efficient and capable kit currently on the market. 

The R-DECK is made-to-order and highly adaptable. It has modular capabilities that can be specially customized and configured to fit any existing disaster response plans or first responder communication solutions. In the absence of an existing format, the RDECK can function as an immediate, first-stop and standalone communications system. 

The R-DECK is robust and mobile. It is an all-in-one communications solution for advance mobile and/or static teams. It is lightweight, robust, and designed to be operational even in the worst possible environments. It can be mounted in transport vehicles for mobile use and/or easily transported as a one-man backpack communications kit. On-site, it functions as a self-powered complete communications hub for any forward base of operations. 


Case and Portability

  • Robust and lightweight advanced waterproof resin case

  • Overall Dimensions: case only = 29 x 16.8 x 9.1 Inches

  • Light weight: < 39 lbs

  • In-vehicle use: mounted internally with external antenna

  • Man portable use: can be quickly removed from vehicle mount and slotted into external backpack (included)

  • Base of operations: WiFi Mesh coverage area can be expanded through two additional access points for wider coverage area + High Gain external antennas for increased WAN signal  


  • Power input 12V DC and 110/220 VAC

  • Portable power from two Lithium Ion batteries (compliant for all airline transport)

  • Battery solution powers kit for one day 

  • Solar power: solar panel capable of charging batteries without mains or 12V power 

  • USB, 12V and 5V power sockets for charging phones and for powering external devices



  • Integrated 3G/4G dual modems, load balancing capable – internal and High Gain External antenna options

  • Worldwide satellite data solution included

  • Supports input from existing data networks (DSL, VSAT, WiMAX, etc.)

  • Auto-WAN-failover to automatically switch to backup connection


  • Wired: One GB LAN port to accommodate any peripherals or servers 

  • POE: One 24V LAN port for external POE devices


  • Integrated dual band WiFi solution with integrated antennas and additional external antennas for extended coverage and/or in-vehicle use

  • Two additional battery-powered access points for extended coverage, capable of wireless ‘meshing’ to base solution


  • Modular security tailored to individual user requirements

  • Firewall to prevent inbound traffic access (configurable)

  • Cloud-based security software for restricted access, 

  • Web access control and security


  • Cloud-based management: device can be managed remotely by off-site support teams

  • Cloud-based security: control group network access policies to help control bandwidth and reputation – configurable across multiple devices

  • Managed solution: option to use R3 team experts for maintenance and configuration if needed

  • Local management: advanced users can configure locally; R3 advanced training provided if needed

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